Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Constitution to-be

Those elected were democratically assigned by the Free People of Tunisia to conceive and elaborate a constitution aligned and in coherence with the universal claims of the Tunisian revolution that our martyrs (God bless their souls) empowered with their lives and blood. 
Thus, they weren't given a blank check to decide for the free people of Tunisia! This constitution to be will engage the Tunisian society as well as the region for the coming decades if not centuries. 
Therefore, our new constitution should be forward looking, taking into consideration the aspiration of our people especially the Tunisian youth, as well as the mega trends of our exponentially mutating world. 
In addition, it should decouple itself from any discourse that kept our region in the lower segment of the world nations while building on our political diversity and historical assets. 
We are the grand children of the mighty General Hannibal, the unique and ingenious thinker Ibn Khaldun and the patriotic and inspiring poet Abul Kassim Echabi. Such lineage will NEVER accept anything below its expectations and aspirations! 
Power to the Free People of Tunisia.