Friday, November 23, 2012


The below blog was written in Tunis, Tunisia on Nov. 5th, 2008.
I'm republishing this blog for it remains as pertinent and contextual as when it was published first. It is a reminder to all of us and especially to our World leaders, that time is pressing more than ever, and that changing our ways of leading and governing is to change in order to fit the challenges of .

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TSHAMA: A TSunami of Hope named obAMA

A tsunami of hope and change! A tsunami whose origin is the mother continent, its culmination is the new world, and its purpose is the entire globe.

Unlike the fatidic day of 9/11 that went down the history line as a dooms day during which the world got stricken by a tsunami of horror and agony. A tsunami of terror whose roots were and remain hunger, injustice and abysses of inequalities, its culmination the Twin Tours as they tumbled in a huge mushroom of dust, and its casualties the entire population of the planet.

TSHAMA is the mother continent's way to seed the universe anew with life and hope as it did millions of years ago, dry its daughters and sons' tears and renew with life, love and laughter. Not surprisingly, this is most likely its second and last insurgence against lifelessness, inhumanity and 9/11 syndromes!

One can't hide or even control his emotions while watching this moment of joy and hope expressed in Kenya's towns and streets and the peaceful dance of Obama's grandmother, the "at last" tears of Jessie Jackson, and the joyful reaction of the Namesake Japanese fishing village.

But let's not get carried away and forget about the huge challenges confronting Obama and his team, the rest of the world's leaders, and humanity as a whole. Indeed, with the latest and ongoing financial crises and the failure of the market economy, the ailing warming planet and the closing of the tipping point, the geopolitical conundrums in the Middle East and Afghanistan to name just a couple, and last but not least the effects of the Oil Peak and the shortage of food, energy and peace.

Consequently, it is time, and probably the last chance, to get together, irrespective of race, religion and political convictions, and respond as a unified one strong and determined being, with a wise collective intelligence and a crystal clear consciousness of the commonness of our future: we will either prosper together, or drift in the coldness of the universe together!