Monday, March 19, 2012

Endangered Species: ethical and trustworthy conducts.

I was interviewed, by a staff member from Reboot conducting a study on behalf of the World Bank :

The report can be found at:

In the quasi-totality of their introduction the authors used my argument as to the fall of dictatorship in Tunisia based on Cybernetics principles, especially Ashby's Requisite Variety Principle.

The authors did NOT acknowledge nor mention, even in the remotest manner, the origin of the NOVEL argument, and just referred to Ashby's reference that I also mentioned, while developing my argument according to Academic ethics, and IPR principles!

I also shared with the interviewer insights regarding the Tunisian higher education system as well as the structure of our industry and how to make it more innovative to help develop the country and enhance well being. 

So, when you accept to get interviewed even by well respected international institutions, you should know what to say and reveal and, especially, what NOT say/reveal, for ethical and trustworthy conducts seem to be truly endangered species!

Quite unfortunate though. To be continued ...