Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Political failure.

Let's NOT be naive! What do we expect? That others will run to rescue us from our backwardness, political failures and our pseudo-leaders whom their, as big as the mount Fuji, egos are pushing them relentlessly to seek power irrespective of the National cost! Get serious people of Tunisia. Of course, all nations look after their interests. Indeed, the democratic system is failing and post-democratic systems have to conceived and deployed the soonest. Last but not least, the Tunisian Revolution, is not only a national outcry, it is also a planetary one! Indeed, the Occupy the World call is nothing but an after shock of that historic tsunami. The question now is what to do? here is my triadic proposal for Free Tunisia: 1- Depoliticize, 2- Enhance security, and 3- Urgently help the poor and the helpless!