Thursday, July 5, 2012

What Republic?

Whatever system a country chooses to govern itself is highly dependent on its socioeconomic and historical context as well as its political experience and structure. Indeed, the parliamentary system has its advantages and I was among those who did favor it before the elections.

Without taking sides, and while genuinely thinking of the well being of Tunisia and its citizen, I do believe, especially after the experience of the last few months, that this system doesn't suit Tunisians and thus Tunisia at this point of time!

Indeed, the far from acceptable performance of our constituency, its fuzzy relationship with the Government and the sociopolitical affairs of the country attests to this state affairs. Moreover, our political experience and the present psychological make up of the Tunisian society doesn't seem to be in tune with this system.

Last but not least, should the motivation of whoever is pushing for this system be political, I do warn them to think twice, for we don't jeopardize the future of generations and thus of a country just to maximize the chances of a group to be in power. This is a huge mistake, and the present generations as well as the coming ones will never forgive such abuse, especially if such maneuvers put the country at risk and harms its unity and its people aspirations.

I call for an immediate and open debate about this historic choice and encourage all people to take part in order to collectively agree on the outcome and thus assume our present and future responsibilities. Should this debate stall, a referendum should be organized to democratically choose among the proposed systems.